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I was born in empath so I have always been sensitive. When I was 15 I had a near death experience, which unfortunately gave me two traumatic brain injuries within seconds of each other, yet heightened my skills. I spent the next few years dealing with the after effects of that by reading everything I could on Edgar Cayce who was an American psychic/medium who would be given a suggestion to “sleep” and while sleeping would tap into Source to get solutions for problems that people would write in about. He was able to help people using simple yet effective treatments that he would get from Source. 


Over the years, I’ve learned and worked with a variety of methods to help raise the vibrations of each soul I encounter, so each session is always done with regard for the greatest good and highest healing.

I work with other TBI recipients, and have had great success in helping alleviate or remove pain and energy blocks altogether.

I’m able to offer three different ways of healing sessions: We can Zoom over the internet; I can come to your house (limited to Whidbey Island), or schedule a session at the studio in Oak Harbor. Because energy is mutable it’s easily transferred. *Due to building restrictions, animal family companions will need to be seen at their house or on Zoom.

I love learning and continue my ever evolving education to fill my Heart, Soul, Mind, and Purpose. My purpose being to share my gifts with others whether they be people or animal loved ones.

My name is Damaris

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